Forex markets

Trade on an exceptionally broad selection of forex markets, all available via a flexible range of account and product types to suit your trading objectives.

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Major forex pairs

Take a position on a full range of popular currency pairs, including EUR/USD and AUD/USD from just 0.8 points.

Minor forex pairs

Spread bet or trade CFDs and more on an extensive selection of pairs, including GBP/CHF, EUR/CAD and USD/SGD, as well as a range of Scandinavian and Australasian pairs.

Exotic forex pairs

Access our unique range of exotics, covering markets such as TRY/JPY and USD/MXN.

Emerging forex pairs

Speculate on our range of currency pairs from emerging economies, with markets including CNH/JPY, USD/IDR and EUR/RUB. 

Bitcoin markets

Trade on bitcoin volatility and speculate on its value against a range of global currencies, without the need to buy and store actual bitcoins.