Ideas and planning

Refine your forex trading strategies with our unique range of tools and resources, and find inspiration for future trades. Our analysis support is available free for all our clients.

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Free guide: finding forex opportunities

IG's free forex guide as visualised in a tablet | IG Forex Ideas

News and commentary

Stay on top of key events in the forex markets and get the expert view from our analysts.

  • Market insight articles and opinion on forex news, including daily snapshots of key pairs and in-depth chart analysis
  • Daily IG TV broadcasts providing up-to-the-minute market information and tracking FX responses to key events
  • Weekly bulletins to help you prepare for upcoming events and their likely impact on specific currencies

Seminars and webinars

Explore new trading strategies and take part in debates about the FX markets at our seminars and webinars. 

  • In-person seminars with our forex experts
  • Live webinars including a real-time view of the presenter’s screen
  • Archive of webinars to watch on demand
  • Guides covering key aspects of forex dealing and our platforms

Fundamental data

See essential, live data on currency market movements and find out how IG clients are responding in their trading activity.

  • Real-time streaming prices
  • Live charts, including technical patterns
  • Client sentiment indicators
  • Reuters news updates
  • Forex correlations


Identify the right time to trade on forex markets with the help of signals.

  • Real-time signals delivered directly to the platform on your desktop
  • Personalised watchlists
  • Alerts on significant trends and patterns in the forex markets
  • Signals from two third-party providers to help you identify potential opportunities

Risk management

Cap your losses and lock in profits with our range of stops. Respond instantly to price movements by setting up alerts.

  • Guaranteed stops put an absolute limit on your potential losses (subject to an additional charge if triggered)
  • Trailing stops help you protect your profits
  • Price alerts enable you to act when a market hits a certain buy or sell price