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Stay on top of market-moving events and gain insight into their likely impact with our news and commentary services. Get alerts as soon as stories break to help you make fast decisions, and hear expert opinion on the implications for forex traders. All available free of charge for IG clients.

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News updates and analysis

Every day, our worldwide team of expert analysts brings you unique perspectives on the latest developments in forex news as well as other markets. Articles are published around the clock as the trading day unfolds in different global regions.

  • Market updates provide an overview of economic events and other factors affecting all markets, twice a day
  • Daily FX snapshots brief you on the currency pairs worth watching
  • Charting FX takes a detailed technical look at the forex markets, in video format
  • As well as forex commentary, we also provide specialist reports on other markets 

Economic calendar

Track the scheduled events that could influence your forex trading, and get economic results as soon as they are released.

  • Filter macroeconomic events by date, country and level of expected impact on the markets
  • Set up alerts to be delivered at the time of the event or up to 60 minutes in advance
  • Get notifications on markets that experience significant movement after an event
  • Receive alerts by push notification on your mobile, in the platform or by email
  • Compare previous, estimated and actual figures for each event

If you trade shares, you can also get information on company earnings, dividends, stock splits and IPOs.

The week ahead

Be prepared for trading days to come with our weekly briefing – delivered free to your inbox or available on our website.


Each Friday we list the major events and economic releases expected over the next seven days. We tell you when each announcement is due, and summarise consensus expectations.

We also highlight the currencies and other markets most likely to be affected, enabling you to be prepare for forex news and consider your trading strategy well in advance.  

IG Live TV

Tune in for market insight four times daily, Monday to Friday.

IG Live TV | IG Forex News
  • 7.50am: Live pre-European open bulletin
  • 10.30am: Live charting the markets
  • 2pm: Key trades to watch
  • 4pm: Trading look ahead

Broadcasts include interviews with informed commentators such as CEOs, fund managers, technical analysts and market strategists. You can also access past shows and a browse a comprehensive suite of video guides to different aspects of trading, all available on our website.