Fundamental data

Make our website your go-to resource for a snapshot of market activity at any time. See a comprehensive collection of key data on each currency pair in one place, and find out which way IG client sentiment is trending in response to market movements and events.

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Live forex prices and charts

View real-time streaming buy and sell prices for each forex pair alongside our high-quality live charts. 

Spot FX EUR/GBP real-time price | IG's Forex Fundamental Data


Price range and volatility

See a summary of the day’s opening, closing, high and low prices, plus graphs to give you a clear picture of the range and volatility experienced by the market.

Summary charts showing range and volatility on a forex pair | IG's Forex Fundamental Data


Client sentiment indicators

See how many IG client accounts have open positions in a currency pair, and the percentage who are long or short. Plus find out which other markets are currently attracting these traders.

Client sentiment indicators | IG's Forex Fundamental Data



Reuters news

Follow a live streaming feed of all the breaking newsflashes and stories relating specifically to each FX pair. Direct from the world’s largest international multimedia news agency.

Reuters Financial Video | IG's Forex Fundamental Data



Technical chart patterns

View details of the chart patterns currently emerging or recently completed on each currency pair. Includes both standard and Fibonacci patterns. 

Technical chart patterns | IG's Forex Fundamental Data

Price correlations

Examine the correlations between a forex pair and other markets over a variety of timeframes, from five minutes to a year.

FXpairs' price correlations table | IG's Forex Fundamental Data