Risk management

Mitigate your exposure to adverse market events using IG’s range of risk management strategies. Our tools are designed to help safeguard you against the risks of leveraged dealing. Cap your losses with guaranteed stops, lock in profits with trailing stops, or set price alerts to respond instantly to currency movements. 

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Tools to manage risk

Discover our range of forex risk management tools, designed to help you restrict your losses or protect your profits when trading.   

Stop losses

If the market turns against you, you can set your position to close at a pre-defined level with a stop loss. Basic stop losses won’t cost you anything extra, but there is the potential for slippage and market gapping, meaning your trade may be closed at a worse level than specified.

Price level and price change alerts

We’ll notify you when a market hits a buy or sell price you specify, or changes by a certain amount in a given timeframe. Your position will remain open, so you can decide what action to take. 

 Stop losses detail inside a dealing ticket | Forex Risk Management


Price alerts on forex pairs | IG's Forex Fundamental Data


Guaranteed stops

Limit any potential losses when you place a trade by including a guaranteed stop. This means there’s no risk of slippage, even if the market gaps suddenly. A guaranteed stop is subject to an additional charge if triggered.

Trailing stops

Attach a trailing stop to your trade to lock in any profit you’ve made up to the point the market turns. The trailing stop will track your position for as long as the market moves in your favour, but if it starts moving against you, your trade will close at the stop’s new level. Again, there is a risk of slippage

Guaranteed stop's details inside a dealing ticket | IG's Forex Fundamental Data

Trailing stops' detail inside a dealing ticket | IG's Forex Fundamental Data

Reduced-risk dealing for new clients

Trade forex with less exposure while getting to grips with our products and platforms. 

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