Sigma Squawk

Be the first to hear about events affecting the FX markets with Sigma Squawk’s audio commentary service.1 Streamed direct to the classic web platform in real time, it announces key news stories, handpicked by a team of analysts, as they happen. Its selective broadcast talks you through market-moving news as it happens. Hear an expert’s perspective on the latest developments and react quickly to events that could impact your positions.

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What is Sigma Squawk?

Sigma Squawk provides fast analysis of economic and financial market news with a round-the-clock real-time audio service.

A screenshot showing how to activate Sigma Squawk from the dealing platform | IG

Sigma Squawk’s in-house team of analysts provide reports and commentary on market-moving data, live economic news and central bank announcements. They cover the Asian, European and US markets.

The service is used by investment banks, hedge funds and inter-dealer brokers, as well as among independent forex traders.

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Why use Sigma Squawk?

  • React instantly to breaking news 
  • Receive information in a split second thanks to Sigma Squawk’s low latency software 
  • Benefit from reliable and carefully selected market-moving information
  • Let a team of analysts undertake tailored market research on your behalf
  • Hear news collected directly from a global network of major news agencies and market professionals
  • Avoid distracting visual cues with an audio feed that announces the most significant trading news as it happens

Get the information you need

Sigma Squawk covers a wide range of financial news and analysis:

  • Breaking news
  • Latest headlines
  • Alerts for upcoming economic announcements
  • Proprietary technical market analysis
  • Research
  • Commentary

Claim your free trial when you open an account

You can get access to Sigma Squawk through the classic web platform. It’s easy to activate, and it won’t cost you anything for the first 28 days. Start using it as soon as you create your account with IG. 

Available 24 hours on weekdays (until 9pm on Friday)

Free 28-day trial (normally £120 per month)

No special equipment required

1 Available on the classic web platform only.