We give you the edge in a competitive forex environment, with technology designed for enhanced speed and stability. We’ll get you the best possible deal by sourcing prices from a variety of venues, while offering two ways that enable you to take greater control of your trades and define how you want us to fill them.

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Precise execution

However many deals are underway, our platform is designed to carry out your trades efficiently. 

Technology that gives precise execution | IG
  • More than 22 million orders accepted (Apr-Jun 2016)
  • More than 42,000 unique daily web users (August 2016)
  • More than 52,000 unique daily mobile users (August 2016)

Secure, cost-effective dealing

Place a trade in the knowledge you’re getting the best deal possible.

The best prices

  • By comparing a wide range of execution venues, we’ll give you the best available price on each currency pair
  • Our forex prices are from tier one global banks and other liquidity providers
  • Changes to prices in the underlying markets are displayed in our platform in a split second
  • We’ll offer you the best prices from around the world
  • With Forex Direct, our forex DMA service, you can access the liquidity pools of major banks and market-makers. To trade with DMA you need to qualify for a professional account

Value for money

  • We won’t fill your live execution request at a worse price than the one submitted on your deal ticket
  • If we can’t fill your order at the level you want or better – in the event that the market moved against you during submission – we won’t fill it at all. Instead we’ll ask you to submit the order again
  • Our price improvement technology means that, if the market moves a significant amount in your favour during order processing, we may fill you at the better price
  • Our clients saved over £55 million thanks to price improvement (since January 2013)


Deal with confidence. Our platforms meet the industry-standard 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, a level of security used across everything from PayPal and eBay to high street banks.

Partial fills and points through current

For enhanced control over your order execution, you can take advantage of two ways to trade: partial fills and points through current. For full terms, see our customer agreement page.  

Partial fills

Designed to help traders who deal in large sizes, our partial fill is an industry-first, enabling you to increase the chances that your order will be executed. 

This function allows your order to be partially met, meaning we will fill your size as far as possible at the price requested, as opposed to simply rejecting it. This will only ever represent an alternative to outright rejection – your order will never be partially filled as an alternative to filling it in its entirety. 

Once you’ve selected the partial fill option, your device will remember it as the default choice the next time you deal. If you use a different device, you will need to activate it again through the ‘Advanced options’ dropdown menu.

Partial fills will suit you if you want the maximum possible amount of your order filled at the current price without the risk of having the entire order rejected. 

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Points through current

With points through current, you can trade through the current IG price. When you place a trade, the market may move against you before we can execute. Using points through current, we won’t automatically reject your trade – we will still accept it as long as the price only moves within an amount you’ve permitted. If the market doesn’t move, or moves in your favour, we’ll still fill your order at the best possible price. 

This is particularly effective in volatile market conditions: it will reduce the risk of your order being rejected and increase the chance of successful execution when trading large sizes. 

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