Terminals and APIs

Tailor our technology to fit your forex needs and preferences using our API solutions. We’ll help you to integrate your own front-end with our system, enabling you to take full advantage of market-leading pricing and execution technology. Connected securely via SSL, you will be able to support pricing, trading and streaming account balance figures.

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Trade with an API

Automate your trades with our web-based trading API.

Use our web API to execute forex trades against any of your IG accounts, as well as identify historical prices and market data. This API is compatible with Excel (VBA), .NET, Java and any programming language that supports HTTP. 

To make sure you can start coding as promptly as possible, we provide a sample app, interactive developer tools and comprehensive online documentation. You can find more details at our IG Labs site.

We also offer a FIX API

Connected via a secure 256-bit SSL encryption to IG’s local systems, our FIX API enables you to:

  • Access our full range of currency pairs
  • Have your orders filled with our market-leading  technology
  • Support trading and pricing, plus streaming account balance figures
  • Use trading algorithms and models to execute your trades
  • Tap into a large forex liquidity pool from a number of Tier 1 banks (FIX DMA1)
  • View a real-time feed of our prices to trade on IG’s over-the-counter products (OTC, DMA1)

Additional services

If you’d like to request different options for connectivity, such as leased lines, you can do so by contacting us.

Alternatively, to introduce business to IG, call us directly on +44 20 7573 0219 for more information.

1 From 2 July 2018, regulatory interventions mean that certain products are unavailable to retail traders. As a result, we can only offer Forex Direct to professional traders. To find out more about this, and to check whether you are eligible for a professional account, please see our professional account page.