Spreads and product details

You’ll find transparent, competitive charges when you trade forex with us, with no account or platform fees for active clients and spreads from just 0.6 points.

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Spread betting charges

On every position you’ll pay a spread, which varies depending on the market conditions and the time when you open the bet.

CFD trading charges

There’s no commission on our forex CFDs, just a spread that reflects the underlying market volatility.

Direct market access (DMA)

Pay a low commission and no IG spread with our Forex Direct service.To trade with DMA you need to qualify for a professional account

MetaTrader 4

Benefit from tight spreads on over 50 forex markets.

Overnight funding and forwards

If you close a daily funded bet or cash CFD on the same day, we make no funding charge. If you hold it overnight, we make a funding adjustment to reflect the cost. For forward positions, there are no overnight adjustments.

Tiered margining

Our tiered margin structure means we can give you the most competitive rates for your position size.